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Ryan is a Beast on the Road in 2012

Fact: Arthur Blank doesn't shave his mustache - he simply pays the excess hair to not grow

Scott Cunningham

Matt Ryan has improved every year. 2009 doesn't really count, because Ryan only played in 14 games and The Black Eyed Peas had the number one song for six months. Yikes.

The Falcons' success in 2012 is largely attributable to quarterback play. We all know how well Ryan-led teams do in the Dome. But as Jay Adams points out in this must-read, Ryan has been especially dangerous on the road this year. He's been downright scary on the road, notwithstanding his reputation as someone who dominates at home.

On the road, Ryan ranks 1st in completions (203), 2nd in touchdowns (17), 3rd in QB rating (106.4), 1st in yards (2,287), and 2nd in completion percentage (71.2).

That’s correct. In all the major NFL categories for quarterbacks, Ryan ranks in the top three in the league. Of note: In completion percentage, Ryan is second to Niners quarterback Alex Smith, whose starting job has been given to rookie Colin Kaepernick.

Kudos to Adams for noticing this - to be frank, it's awesome. Awesome as in fried oreos and grape kool-aid. Huzzah!