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Joe Hawley Re-Joins the Team this Week

Fact: Dave doesn't wear cologne or deodorant - he just takes potpourri baths

Kevin C. Cox

The Falcons' offensive line has struggled at times this year. While we have the 9th best adjusted sack rate (5.1 percent), we only have the 21st best adjusted line yards/carry average (3.93). When the offense struggles, it's usually because the offensive line is struggling. All in all, they've been average. Even so, they held their own against a very good pass rushing team yesterday. And that is encouraging in my mind.

Joe Hawley's suspension ends Tuesday. He will re-join the team immediately. I'd imagine one of the recently-inactive players will lose their roster spot.

“He is sincerely sorry to his teammates, coaches and Falcons fans for the consequences of this oversight,” according to a statement released by Omell. “Joe will work diligently every day of this suspension to stay in top football shape and be ready to help the team continue the success they’ve achieved thus far this season. He has chosen to be immediately accountable for the situation which is why he will not exercise his appeal rights and will begin serving the suspension immediately.”

So he didn't exercise his appeals rights and he's really sorry. I'm not impressed; not yet at least. If I had to guess, he won't replace Peter Konz as the starting right guard. Konz has arguably held his own during his brief tenure as a starer. Hawley is probably still our center of the future, but he needs to show the front office, his teammates, and the fans that he isn't Matt Lehr.

To be fair, Hawley didn't take steroids. He took a stimulant he doesn't have a prescription for, just like innumerable college students across the country. And to that effect, stimulant use among athletes is nothing new. I once heard Bud Selig talk about major league clubhouses having bowls full of "greenies" out for the taking when he first broke onto the scene in the 1960s. But this isn't the 1960s. That kind of thing isn't supposed to happen, though I'm sure it does more than we'd like to admit.

Hawley's a good kid. I'm sure he will rebound. Your thoughts?