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One Falcon Unit To Watch: The Defense

Stop Eli Manning and win a game!

Kevin C. Cox

The Falcons' offense has gotten its fair share of attention lately, in part because they haven't been performing like the well-oiled machine they're expected to be. That's something I both hope and know will change.

In this particular game, it's fair to argue that the spotlight ought to be on the defense. The New York Giants have an excellent offense in their own right, filled with playmakers like Hakeem Nicks, Martellus Bennett and David Wilson. Wilson in particular worries Falcons fans—including me—because he runs like a madman and the Falcons are not known for tackling well.

Last time these two teams played, the Falcons utterly failed to move the ball on offense. This time, with the Giants banged up in the secondary, I expect them to score more and score early. The defense has been a superior unit all year long, but this is an excellent test. Holding the Giants under 20 would be a huge accomplishment and will probably mean the Falcons win this one.

So keep an eye on the defense out there today. If they come up with the kind of plays they have regularly this season, this one might be a little easier than we think.