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What Does the Giants Game Mean TO YOU?

Fact: December 14th is National Bouillabaisse Day

Al Bello

I had an interesting conversation with a co-worker yesterday. This particular co-worker is a Cowboys fan. And this particular co-worker thinks the Falcons are overrated. He also thinks I'm an enormous homer, which I am.

Basically my co-worker thinks we haven't played a decent team all year. He's not convinced the Saints or Bucs are for real, and he thinks the Broncos are way better now than they were when we played them. In his mind, tomorrow's game is a huge opportunity for the Falcons. It's an opportunity to prove that we're good team that can beat a good team.

I call mularkey! Or something like that. Look, we're in the playoffs. We've earned that right. The only thing to gain is seeding. Seeding matters, but it's worked against this team in the past. In my mind, a healthy team with momentum is more important than anything. I don't care what happens tomorrow, as long as we're healthy/carry momentum into the playoffs.

I'm sure you all have an opinion, and Caleb addressed this exact issue in his post earlier today, but riddle me this: what does tomorrow's game mean to you?