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We Should Rest (Almost) Everyone

We're banged up. Every team is banged up. You know what helps when you're banged up? Rest.

Silly pictures are fun
Silly pictures are fun
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That's right, Falcoholics. I said it. We should rest almost everybody. At least for this week.

Saw an amazing stat on ESPN a few days ago. It was something like....between sometime in the 90s and 2005-ish, the 1 seeds in the playoffs were very good. 25-5 in their first game, even. That's very good!

Between 2005 and last year, the 1 seeds were 6-8 in their first game.

I forget the exact stat, but it was something like that. As you can see, the top seed hasn't done much in recent memory. That encompasses more than just us, folks. The unbeatable Patriots fell on the same sword in 2010 that we did, and they were a better team, by most peoples' standards.

We as fans often debate on what is best for the team. Some of us believe the team has much to prove. Others, however, feel the team has little to prove.

Who is the team trying to impress? Us? The media? The Giants?

The reality is that the team has nothing to prove to anyone but themselves. The season is winding down, players such as Roddy White are injured. Roddy is a warrior; you'd most likely have to drag his corpse off the field before he'd stop playing.

I'd rest just about everyone. Turner, McClure, maybe even Matt Ryan. We need these players as fresh as possible. It's clear the coaching staff wants to use Turner, so why not give his legs a break? He could be the reason why we win a playoff game, as insane as it might sound. But we'll need Turner at 100% (whatever 100% from him gives us anymore).

Keep resting Asante. He's been in the league forever. A few weeks off won't do him any harm, but losing him because he rushed his shoulder back could be the death of us.

It gives players like Owens and McClain a chance to get more reps. How did we discover McClain? He got some playing time due to injury and balled out, and now he's the starting nickel and our #3 outside corner.

Rest Abe. He doesn't play many snaps, but every snap he takes is another snap of energy he won't have come playoff time. Two weeks of rest in a month's time would do wonders for an older player. Give Sidbury, Massaquoi, and Matthews a chance to be together on the field.

PLAY Julio. Can he be the man? Roddy won't be around forever. Can we lean on him like the Bengals lean on AJ Green? Time to show us.

Rest Gonzalez. Don't need to explain this.

and lastly, start one Dominique Davis. That's right, let's throw our 3rd string QB into the fire. Now, why would I do that?

Well, let's face it. The OL hasn't been as good as they were earlier in the season. Matty isn't very mobile, but Davis is. Why not give him a chance?

If Davis gets hurt, then it's okay, because it's likely we won't need him in the playoffs. Do I want him getting hurt? No, but when you consider the alternative, it's not as bad.

AND we'll be forced to throw to someone other than Roddy White and Tony Gonzalez, thus giving players like Smith, Palmer, Coffman, Cone, other D. Davis, and Toone a chance to play against REAL competition.

Older players know what it's like. This isn't their first rodeo, but if a key injury happens in the playoffs, do you want these young players coming in completely ice cold? Or do you want them coming in with at least a little feel for real competition?

We have the division. We have a game to give. If we're going to give that one game, let's give it now, rather than at the end. Two weeks in a row will probably take the edge off of whatever momentum we might have.

Remember, what do we have to prove to anyone?