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Discuss What It Will Take To Beat The Giants

Chris Trotman

From a playoff perspective, this is not the most important game of the year.

The Falcons need two wins in the next three games or a win and some failure from the 49ers and Bears to lock up the top seed. Considering both the Lions and Buccaneers offer up easier matchups than the Giants,a loss here isn't going to kill the season. The Falcons are already in the playoffs, after all.

We all know that this is an important game from other perspectives. In terms of showing playoff readiness, righting the ship after a rough loss and smacking critics in the mouth, this game couldn't be more important. Atlanta would surely like to celebrate on Sunday, and the Falcons have to be hungry to beat the team that knocked them out of the playoffs a year ago.

With that in mind—and knowing the Giants will be missing two starters in their secondary and their lead back on Sunday—tell me how you think the Falcons will win this one. Let's get that old-fashioned discussion train rolling.