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Ahmad Bradshaw Out Against the Falcons

Fact: rushing the ball is lame

Nick Laham

Guess what?! Ahmad Bradshaw won't play against the Falcons.

''It would have been a reach for him to be ready,'' Coughlin said of Bradshaw, who was spotted with his knee heavily wrapped and not participating in any football activities. ''I'm sure he's disappointed right now. With someone like that and his constitution, he thinks that come game day he'll be fine and be able to play. But medically, it was the only wise move to keep him out.''

One less thing for us to worry about this weekend. Without Bradshaw, the Giants are a different team. He's good, like really good. Not quite Adrian Peterson good, but good nonetheless.

Bradshaw's DVOA ranks 6th in the league. He's 11.3 percent more efficient than league-average. He's only rushed for 869 yards this year (5 touchdowns), but he's on pace for just 241 regular-season carries.

Meanwhile, we suck at defending the run. Our opponents are averaging 127 rushing yards/game (24th in the league), 6.5 rushing first downs/game (21st in the league), 1.1 rushing touchdowns/game (28th in the league), and 4.9 yards/carry (31st in the league). 4.9 yards a carry y'all. 4.9 yards is approximately 16 feet. Yikes.

I probably don't need to mention it, though I will: we're incredibly inefficient defending the run. Our DVOA (3.6 percent less efficient than league-average) ranks 27th.

Here's the bottom line: a less-than-healthy Bradshaw is a huge gift. Rejoice.