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NFC South Picks: Week 15

Nick Laham

We're down to the last three games of the season, and the Falcons face one of their biggest matchups of 2012 on Sunday. The Giants roll into town looking to keep the horror of last year's playoffs alive in the minds of Atlanta fans everywhere.

Last week wasn't the best outing for the NFC South. The Panthers were the only team to claim victory, so let's just not talk about it. None of us fared well with our picks, and Dave moved into second place while I now sit tied for first with Caleb.

You might not like two of these selections below. Fair warning. Here are our picks for Week 15.

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That's right, Caleb and I picked the Giants. First time this year any of us have gone against the grain. Hear me out before you take arms. Roddy White and William Moore haven't practiced. I can't imagine Roddy not playing, but he won't be 100 percent. David Wilson is ready to cause problems, and let's face it, the Giants need this win. I didn't like what I saw from the Falcons last week (obviously), and while it wouldn't surprise me to see them win, I'm not as confident about this game. Hopefully I'm wrong.

The Bucs and Saints will feature at least one team breaking a losing streak, I think. New Orleans plays well under its dome. I'll take Brees and the gang again.

As for the last game on the list, Norv Turner always manages to step it up in December. I guess that's why they keep him around every year. "Well, he did coach the hell out of this team last in the season. That'll probably carry over to next year, right?" I actually think he gets fired this time around, but for now he's still leading the charge(rs). Crying Cam might make a return in Week 15.

What's your take?