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Wednesday Injury Report

Fact: Wednesdays are lame sandwiches - nom nom nom nom

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

The infamous Wednesday injury report was released a few hours ago. Babineaux (ribs), White (knee), and Moore (hamstring) did not participate in practice today. No word on their status for Sunday yet.

Moore only needs to run for the trainers before they will clear him. Given that he didn't practice today, I'm assuming he's not quite there. It's probably fair to assume he won't be 100 percent this weekend. Then again, who is at this time of the year?

Given the 3rd down struggles the Falcons have endured recently, White really needs to play. He's a tough, physical possession receiver. We can't afford to have him on the sidelines. Cortisone, ice baths, intravenous Red Bull, whatever it takes, get that man on the field.

Baker (hand), Blalock (elbow), Douglas (ribs), and Samuel (shoulder) practiced, though they were limited. I'd imagine Baker, Blalock, and Douglas will play. Samuel, however, may just participate if its absolutely necessary.