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Which Quarterback Is Leading The Pack In 2012?

Kevin C. Cox

Time for a more general question about the NFL and its marquee players.

This is timely, in a way, because two of the better quarterbacks in the NFL will be facing off at the Georgia Dome this weekend. Matt Ryan has had a bit of a rough stretch and Eli Manning has had some bad games, but they're two arguably elite players leading their teams to successful seasons. But are they the best?

That's the question I'm putting before you tonight. Start your debate machines.

If you asked me to name the most effective quarterback in the NFL this season, I'd probably end up choosing between Rodgers, Brady or Peyton Manning, as painful as that is to admit. Ryan's certainly up there, but it's hard to argue for him as the best quarterback in the league in 2012 with his recent struggles.

Which quarterback do you think is leading the pack this season, and why? Join the debate over at Gillette's Facebook page.