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NFC South Picks: Week 10

Chris Graythen

We're halfway through the 2012 season. It's hard to believe eight games have already past by. Maybe it's because the Falcons keep winning, it all just seems like a blur so far.

Atlanta takes heads into a rivalry matchup at the Superdome this weekend, or as Saints fans call it, "a game against one a team in our division that definitely isn't our rival." Call it what you want, this series has made for quite a few intriguing games in recent years.

Caleb still remains in control of our standings, but only two games separate him from Dave. James and I will try to even the score. Here are our picks for Week 10.


A consensus for the Falcons yet again. Apparently winning three games now makes the Saints "a contender" once again. I've already seen a few analysts predict them to bring down Atlanta's undefeated reign on Sunday. If you think a 28-13 win over the crumbling Eagles puts their franchise back on track, though, you need to ease up a bit.

The Saints still have no defense. Matt Ryan and Michael Turner should be able to get both parts of the offense putting up solid numbers here. I don't expect a blowout, but I do anticipate Atlanta moving on to 9-0.

We all agreed the Broncos are a much better team than the Panthers. Peyton Manning is playing well, and despite Carolina besting Mike Shanahan's squad last week, I don't see a repeat.

Caleb was the only one to take the Chargers. He believes the Bucs are bound to fall eventually. While I agree in that sentiment, Tampa is averaging 36 points per game since its bye week. Norv Turner is still the head coach of San Diego, so yeah, I'll bet against him.

What's your take on these matchups in Week 10?