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Falcons Cut Fullback Lousaka Polite, Re-Sign Mike Cox

The longtime fullback gets the axe after a mediocre season.


It appears that subpar blocking and brick hands are enough to get you cut in today's NFL.

For the past couple of weeks I had openly wondered why Lousaka Polite was being targeted in the passing game. He dropped four passes in the last couple of weeks, showed nothing spectacular as a blocker throughout the season and was close to the definition of a slightly below-average fullback. The coaching staff made absolutely no noise about this, so I figured they were sticking with him.

Today, though, the Falcons have cut Polite in favor of Mike Cox, the same guy he beat out in training camp. Cox is a known quantity, having taken over for an injured Ovie Mughelli in 2011. Cox certainly offers more as a receiver and a runner as Polite, but it's difficult to say whether he'll block any better. It's fair to argue he could not be significantly worse, however.

I wish Polite well, but I think this may end up being an upgrade for the Falcons before all is said and done. Those were drops were costly, and maybe Dirk Koetter and Matt Ryan will be less tempted to throw the ball at the fullback going forward.

Ovie Mughelli's injury must be healing really slowly, I guess, because I would have thought he'd be the first choice.

Your thoughts on Polite and Cox?