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Don't Sleep on the Saints this Week

Fact: Sean Payton is a cotton-headed ninny muggins.

Chris Graythen

We're 8-0. Nobody can take that away from us. Not even if they really really really want to.

And I'll be honest, perfection is pretty nice. It breeds confidence. But, as they say, with confidence comes complacency. Will the Falcons get complacent? I doubt it. There's been articles ad nauseum about how the Falcons want to win both now and in the playoffs. Winning now isn't enough, because as great as it is to be undefeated, I'd rather lose a few games and peak in January.

All that said, the Saints aren't a team we can sleep on. I think most Falcons fans know that. Sure, they struggled at the start of the season, but they're getting better each week.

"It's anybody's league right now," Saints quarterback Drew Brees told ESPN after the game. "Look around. We're not afraid of anybody. And we understand we got a mountain to climb here, but one game at a time, continue to get a little bit better each week and it's all out there for us."

"The book of the 2012 Saints has yet to be written."

Brees is technically right. They aren't out of it yet. Then again, if they lose this week, their playoff picture gets far murkier. For that reason, you'd have to imagine they're particularly motivated going into this Sunday's game.

Look, we're talking about professionals. They're always motivated. I hate it when fans accuse professional athletes of not caring. But just like Dave at last call, fleeting opportunity has an effect on you. You go harder, you're more aggressive, et cetera. I'd expect some of that from the Saints this week.

Curious what y'all think. Discuss!