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Should We Be Worried About Sam Baker?

Fact: Sam Baker once killed an ant. Then he cried for sixteen hours.

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It's Tuesday! Know what that means? Discussion post time! Or something like that.

Seriously though, I've been thinking about Sam Baker a lot since Sunday night. Frankly, I'm worried about him. Not sure if I should be, but I am. And like my boy Popeye always said, "I yam what I yam."

We've celebrated the new-and-improved Baker this season. I've written about his progress, and I really believed he turned a corner. But in the back of my mind, where I keep my Power Rangers nostalgia and the theme song from The Jeffersons, I feared it wouldn't last. I feared he'd regress sooner or later. Then the Cowboys game happened. Like it or not, DeMarcus Ware dominated Baker. To be fair, Tyson Clabo didn't look so hot against Ware either. Heck, most offensive tackles don't look so good against Ware.

He finished the day with some very healthy pressure numbers, picking up two sacks, a hit and four hurries (with one sack leading to a forced fumble) as he proved too much for a much improved Sam Baker.

So here's what I'm wondering. Should we be worried? I'll be honest, I thought Baker needed some help on the left side on more than one occasion Sunday night, so some of this might be a schematic issue. It might be that simple. And again, Ware is an outstanding pass rusher, so maybe Baker is just mediocre, instead of fantastic. I could live with that, at least in theory.