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Roddy White Owns Franchise Receptions Record

The best wide receiver in team history? We're starting to think so.

Kevin C. Cox

The Atlanta Falcons have had some pretty great wide receivers in their history. Alfred Jenkins, Andre Rison and Terrance Mathis all spring readily to mind.

Roddy White may have surpassed all of them already, and he certainly added a bullet point to resume with tonight's game against the Dallas Cowboys. White caught seven passes for 118 yards in the game, and that was enough to propel him past Mathis for the all-time receptions record.

It's quite an honor for White, who turned an disappointing start to his career into an eye-popping string of seasons. White is easily a top ten receiver in the NFL right now because of his ability to get separation from the coverage blanketing him, and he flashed those skills several times against the Cowboys tonight. That propelled him over over 573 receptions and into new record territory.

The Falcons don't win this game (and many more) without Roddy. Whatever you think of his Tweeting habits and early career, he's turned himself into an amazing player. I hope you're as proud of him as I am.

Oh, and he now has a record 31 games with 100+ yards. You know, no big deal.

Weigh in on Roddy's honors.