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One Falcon To Watch: Dunta Robinson

Why the Dunta Robinson train will be rolling full steam

Scott Cunningham

The Dallas Cowboys have talented but inconsistent receivers. Dez Bryant epitomizes that.

The Falcons are likely to put Asante Samuel on the more consistent Miles Austin, which means Dunta Robinson should be on Bryant. Dunta's had a quality but quiet year, but matched up against Bryant he's got a chance to make some noise, good or bad.

Bryant's inconsistency and poor route-running gives Dunta the opportunity to force a turnover or at least get in the way of a couple of passes. His game-breaking ability when he's playing well means Dunta could be toast. It's that kind of game.

My hope is that Dunta will be able to handle Dez and perhaps pick up a pick off of Tony Romo on the way to a Falcons victory. Fingers very much crossed on that one, as you might imagine.

So keep a close eye on Dunta Robinson. Who will you be watching?