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Falcons Getting Four Days Off

Fact: third downs are stupid


Mike Smith is a beast. When necessary, he goes into Beast Mode. But he's also very sensitive. He likes long walks on the beach, carnations, and long weekends. Hence why he's giving the team four days off before getting back to work.

When they return to practice on Tuesday, Smith will have the offense focus hard on correcting third-down problems that could have cost them against the Saints.

“We’ll have a Falcons-on-Falcons day to get us back in the routine,” Smith said on Friday. “Rest a couple of our guys that need to be rested. It comes at an ideal time."

I dig it. I think it's good to give the guys some time off. In essence, it's a second bye week, just in time to recharge the team. And that's important, need to get their minds right for the playoffs.

I like that they're looking to correct the third down issues, although we're certainly better than we were last night. Even with last night's paltry third down performance, we've converted 45.6 of our third down attempts this season. That's the second-best percentage in the league. Not too shabby, if you ask me. Even so, something wasn't right last night. Fix it Smitty. But in the interim, enjoy your time off. Tend to your carnations. Find a beach and stuff.