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Robert McClain is Pretty Awesome

Fact: "Reggie" is the coolest nickname since "Hank"

Scott Cunningham

Robert "Reggie" McClain is an integral part of our secondary. When Brent Grimes went down for the season, there were some real concerns about who would man the slot. Asante Samuel shifted back outside. Dave cried like Caleb after One Direction sold out.

Everything has worked out, for the most part. McClain and Chris Owens have basically split the role, but McClain basically came out of nowhere - that makes his performance noteworthy.

He's a 2010 7th round pick from UConn. The Panthers didn't keep him. Not exactly a remarkable pedigree. But The Comrade saw something. After an impressive camp, we kept him on. If you ever doubt The Comrade and his staff, then he will end you shame on you. Go sit in the corner.

Look, it's not like he's leading the league in passes defensed or anything. I'd have some serious concerns about him starting on a consistent basis, at least at this point. In a crunch though, and as our nickel back, he's more than adequate. Basically he's an awesome diamond in the rough. Score!