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Kroy Biermann = Most Versatile Player on the Roster

Fact: Kroy Biermann once killed an elk with his feet.

Kevin C. Cox

Kroy Biermann is the most versatile player on the Falcons' roster. Don't believe me? Give this article a read.

In defensive coordinator Mike Nolan’s hybrid 4-3/3-3-5 scheme, Biermann lines up in just a few spots, but could end up just about anywhere on the field after the ball is snapped.

Some schemes call for him to rush, or cover or spy the ball carrier, like he did last week against Michael Vick and the Eagles.

“He’s playing four different spots and special teams,” defensive end John Abraham said. “The man is a beast.”

Bottom line: he's all over the place by design. They're doing it on purpose, and it's working. Nolan's using him as a hybrid defensive end/outside linebacker/strong safety. He has the size to effectively rush the passer, but he also has the athleticism and speed to drop into coverage. It's a nasty combination; one that undoubtedly works to our advantage.

Take a hard look at Biermann's attitude. Some NFLers wouldn't handle this well. They'd react negatively, fearing injury or being labeled a scheme player. But not Biermann. Not now. And you have to respect that.