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NFC South Picks: Week 13

Scott Cunningham

The season continues to blow by, and the Falcons continue to tally up the wins. With another huge matchup against the Saints tonight, they have the chance to claim a little more respect in the eyes of critics everywhere.

We all remember the last time these two teams met, probably because it was three weeks ago. New Orleans stood strong at the goal line and ultimately came out on top. We can expect another tightly contested game this time around.

Caleb, Dave and I finished a perfect 3-0 last weekend, while James rescinded back to second place. The championship is still up for grabs (there's no trophy). Let's take a look at our picks for Week 13. In honor of throwback week, I dug up a few old logos now stashed in the legends of NFL lore. Carolina hasn't really changed theirs. Oh well.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic No way the Falcons are getting swept by the Saints, right? I mean, it could happen, I guess. But it won't. Dome advantage this time, a better understanding of converting goal line situations and plenty of eggs for firepower. We all picked Atlanta, nothing new here.

The four of us were split on the Bucs vs. Broncos. My logic: I'm tired of Peyton Manning taking Matt Ryan's spotlight. Honestly, though, I think Tampa bounces back and finds a few big plays from Doug Martin to seal the deal. The Bucs nearly took down the Falcons last week, and they're no slouch against any opponent these days. Denver didn't look too impressive clinching victories by a slim margin over the Chargers and Chiefs the past two weeks.

James remains the only soul brave enough to take Kansas City. The Panthers have all sorts of issues, but everyone in the NFL seems to be ahead of the Chiefs. It could be a close game, but I'm taking the 3-8 Cam Newtons.

Your thoughts/predictions? Also, why is that pirate winking at us? I don't like it.