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Falcons-Saints Pre-Game Report

Fact: Scott Shanle smells like eggs

Chris Graythen

The Falcons take on the Saints in just a few hours. Not much at stake for the Saints in this game. To be frank, their season is essentially over. That said, a loss tonight won't technically extinguish their playoff hopes, but it'd come pretty close.

Some info you should know:

Kick off is at 8:20 p.m. eastern time

They're playing in a dome, so the weather is irrelevant

Game will be on The NFL Network

Falcons are favored by 3.5

Falcons lead the series (45-41) but the Saints have dominated recently (11 of the last 13)

Want my prediction? Good, I'm going to give it to you. I see the Falcons winning, and not just because I'm a hopelessly naive homer. Because of untimely injuries, the Saints will likely struggle in pass protection. Nolan will throw all he has at Drew Brees, and when all is said and done, Matt Ryan will continue his icey ways. It will be a close and hard-fought game, but the Falcons will pull away in the second half and win 27-17.

Y'all ready to rise up?!