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Curtis Lofton is Wack

Fact: Crack is wack - and so is Curtis Lofton

Derick E. Hingle-US PRESSWIRE

I hate to stir the pot unnecessarily. But sometimes the pot needs to be stirred. That said, there's no shortage of contempt-worthy shenanigans coming out of New Orleans these days. They're horrible and stuff.

With the second Saints game only 48 hours away, Curtis Lofton is offering his two cents. Or lack thereof. Give this a read if you haven't already.

Lofton signed with the Saints as a free agent last offseason after playing four seasons with the Falcons. He said he’s noticed a difference in how the Saints perceive the Falcons as opposed to the other way around.

“Being here in this program, I feel like they see it as a divisional game, not a rivalry game,” Lofton said.

Are you kidding me? My dad was a longtime season ticket holder. Many of you are season ticket holders. Anyone who has ever been to a Falcons-Saints game will tell you that Lofton is delusional. I'd describe him in more profane terms, but I think we have some younger readers, and I hate it when Dave yells.

Look, this isn't all that newsworthy. All that matters is what happens Thursday night. Even so, the drama surrounding this rivalry is just addicting. It's like watching Caleb eat a philly cheesesteak. Sure, it's nauseating, and you really want to look away and/or run in the other direction, but he's got you locked in his basement, tied to a chair, eyes held open by tooth picks, watching re-runs of the Pokemon cartoon series.