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Should The Falcons Chase Jason Babin?

The former Pro Bowler has been released by the Philadelphia Eagles.


In case you missed the news, the Eagles just released two-time Pro Bowl pass rusher Jason Babin. It's a fairly stunning move even considering Babin's mediocre production, because the Eagles just gave him a hefty contract a year ago.

When you weigh it against the Falcons releasing Edwards—who was less productive and more of a problem in the locker room—it's even more astonishing.

The question that immediately springs to mind is whether the Falcons should consider bringing Babin in. He'll cost less, obviously, and he's still been a reasonably productive pass rusher with 5.5 sacks this year. That's more than anyone on this roster except John Abraham, and it's hard to say he wouldn't provide a shot in the arm going after the passer. In fact, I'll go so far as to say that he's an instant upgrade over Kroy Biermann in that department.

The only major downside is that Babin is worse than useless against the run. You might crack that it makes him an excellent fit for this current incarnation of the Falcons defense, but keep in mind that Biermann grades out slightly above average when going up against opposing running backs. The obvious solution would be to rotate the two ends, but it's not like adding him is going to significantly handicap the run defense. It's already gimpy.

Given the very real potential for Babin to provide a nice 2012 fix for some of the pass rush's problems, the Falcons will almost certainly take a look at him if they believe they can make the cap space work. Just don't get your heart set on it, because there will be other teams willing and able to take him on.

Should the Falcons add Babin?