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Nobody Believes In Us, The Elephant In The NFL Room

The 2007 New England Patriots, they of 16-0 regular season fame, had four games decided by one possession, all of which were 4 points or less. One other low scoring game was decided by 10 points.

Scott Cunningham

(This year in sports has been so fascinating. Remember when I pointed out this? We're 10 games in and we've won 9 of them. And UGA is one game away from a National Championship. They might not win, but who would've thought?)

Perhaps the greatest offensive team of all time, the 2007 New England Patriots spent a quarter of their season with a legitimate chance of losing.

There were games, especially early on, where they were just going out and manhandling teams. They won by at least three possessions for the first 8 weeks of the season!

Yet we all know what happened in the Super Bowl that year.

Something the media fails to recognize is that style points do not get you very far in the NFL.

The Falcons, of all teams, do not play with much style. There's a very methodical approach, and it is executed pretty well.

Yet as this season has gone on, the elephant that is the Falcons, so to speak, has grown and grown.

Now the elephant is quite large, and it is battling for space in the room with the Super Texans Elephant. The Texans elephant has fallen on hard times recently, too. They almost doubled Jacksonville's win total!

But why is it that the Falcons are suddenly so much worse than them? I considered the Texans better than us until the Jacksonville Mularkeys gave them a run for their money (and good for them, that city deserves some success). I also considered them better than us until herp derpery gave them a TD against the Lions, a game they, too, should've lost. Now I'm not so sure they're better, but the media sure thinks so!

Perhaps we should've lost some more games, but we haven't. We have fought and fought and here we are.

The 2007 Patriots had many times where they probably should have lost, but they fought back and were able to overcome adversity. Sure, they didn't win the Super Bowl, but they were certainly capable of doing so.

We have fought harder than the 49ers, who were so full of offensive suckitude for one game, they had a tie with a 3 win team.

We have fought harder than the Bears, who laid an Ultimate Suck Egg against the 49ers, backup QB and all.

We have fought harder than the Patriots, who lost to the very same team Matt Ryan threw five friggin' interceptions against, and still beat.

We have fought harder than the Packers, who, despite having the Second Coming at quarterback, haven't had a 100 yard rusher, and played that "LOL"tacular game against the Seahawks.

Yet more people are picking the Bucs to win this weekend. In their house. In a season where Matt Ryan has been a Road Game Destroyer? (Except Accuscore, which went 14-0 last week. Holy diver.)

Can we get some credit yet?