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Falcons Sign Guard Harland Gunn

That can't be his real name.

Joel Auerbach

Like a drunk fisherman holding a mop, the Falcons never reel.

You would expect this team to be on the ropes a bit after they lost swing guard Joe Hawley for four games due to suspension, particularly since they were already down a guard in Garrett Reynolds. That's just not how these Falcons roll, though. They'll get Mike Johnson, Phillipkeith Manley and perhaps even Lamar Holmes more involved. They'll also sign a player.

Harland Gunn is actually a bit of an interesting prospect. He's a 2012 UDFA picked up originally by the Cowboys before bouncing to the Saints practice squad, where the Falcons swooped down and grabbed him today. Gunn mostly played guard at Miami, where he was known as a stout run blocker and a guy who didn't allow a single sack in his senior season. At 6'2" and 310 pounds, he's got a nice build for the position, as well.

Even if you're not impressed with Gunn as a player, you have to admit the Falcons are accumulating quite a stockpile of impressive offensive line names. Tyson Clabo? Peter Konz? Phillipkeith Manley? That's an All-Name line.

Weigh in on Gunn and the offensive line, if you would.