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The Great 2012 Falcons Ground Game Discussion

Get your spears and nets ready.

Otto Greule Jr

By now, we all realize that the biggest problem facing this football team is the ground game.

Tackling is a major issue, but the defense has still turned in its best ten games of the Mike Smith era. The passing game is making mistake and protection is spotty, but you can trace some of those woes back to the run.

With Michael Turner averaging a career low 3.8 yards per carry and no other back clearly outshining him, the Falcons have a problem. With an offensive line that can't seem to run block effectively for an entire game, the Falcons have a major concern. With a stubborn coaching staff that isn't willing or able to embrace doing something differently, the Falcons have a five-alarm fire on the field.

So naturally, dear readers, I turn to you. I want to hear what you think is necessary to fix this ground game, whether it can even be salvaged and how that would help the offense. Weigh in with your thoughts and I'll collect some of the most thought-provoking ones for a post later this week.

I'd say enjoy, but this is a grim task.