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Will Julio Jones Play On Sunday?

Fact: I like turtles

Kevin C. Cox

In case you haven't heard, Julio Jones isn't feeling so hot. And regrettably it isn't a tummy ache. Saaaaaaaaaaad. Read this if you haven't already.

Falcons coach Mike Smith said that Jones and linebacker Sean Weatherspoon, who worked out with the trainers would be game time decisions on Sunday.

“These guys are so close and moving in the right direction that we’ll make a determination as late as we possibly can,” Smith said. “We can do it as late as we possibly can. They are working to get back. We are hoping that they’ll continue to progress tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday morning.”

Moving in the right direction eh? I like the sound of that. The safe approach is to sit them both, especially against the Cardinals. If we hadn't lost last week, the team might have considered it. But I expect both Weatherspoon and Jones to play Sunday.

What do you think? Discuss!