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NFC South Picks: Week 11

Kevin C. Cox

Well, I don't get to start off by talking about the undefeated Falcons this week. But I'm assuming we'll all be thoroughly enjoying their 9-1 record when Monday rolls around.

Seeing that we all picked Atlanta last week, everyone took a loss from that pick. Caleb, James and I all are tied for first place now, with Dave trailing by just one game/pick/whatever you want to call it. Have a look at our Week 11 selections:

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So, everyone is sticking with the Dirty Birds. Despite suffering a loss to the Saints off all teams, the majority of Falcons nation still seems optimistic about the 2012 campaign, as they should. I've seen the Cardinals play a few times this year, and let me just say it was tough to watch. They average only 16 points per game, a number that will surely be welcomed by Mike Nolan's group. Falcons roll, I'm calling it.

The Bucs vs. Panthers and Saints vs. Raiders provide a little more intrigue as far as the overall matchup. I still believe Tampa is firing on all cylinders right now. That may come to a screeching halt next week (against the Falcons), but for now Carolina doesn't look like it has the potential to pull this one off.

New Orleans at Oakland might be another barnburner. Carson Palmer is putting up huge numbers, and the Saints defense is still awful, regardless of what Curtis Lofton or that other guy who sits on the bench says. Still, I see NOLA pulling it off, again.

How are you guys feeling about the slate of games in Week 11?