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The Saints Are Whiny Poo Heads

Fact: Curtis Lofton has a teddy bear named Chuckles. And he hearts it.

Wesley Hitt

An opportunity to laud the Saints while throwing the overrated Falcons under the bus? Couldn't be!

Read this if you haven't already. Then find a pillow and punch it a few times.

Atlanta Falcons coach Mike Smith will not address with his players accusations that Sean Weatherspoon and Jonathan Babineaux deliberately interfered with the New Orleans Saints' pregame warm-up routine Sunday, a source told ESPN. Saints linebackers Scott Shanle and Jonathan Vilma told ESPN that the two Falcons walked through their drill and were talking trash.

They talked trash? Oh my!

I'll get right to the point: Yahoo Sports is a joke. This is basically a non-story. But ESPN picked it up and frankly, it irks the you-know-what out of me.

First, Shanle and Vilma are pathetic. Focus on your team. Quit with the drama. You can't, with a straight face, claim that no trash talking ever occurs during warm ups. And let's be honest, trash talking doesn't jeopardize careers and player safety, unlike a certain bounty program that shall go unnamed.

Maybe I'm overreacting. But I'm sick of it. I'm sick of the media finding any reason to turn on the Falcons. As for Lofton, he made his bed, and now he's lying in it. I appreciate everything he did as a Falcon, but you aren't on scholarship in the NFL. You are an employee. Your employer has certain expectations and you must meet those expectations. Teams move on, and you have to live with that. Sooner or later, the Saints will move on. Maybe then it will occur to him that it's not personal.

One last point I'd like to make. In my opinion, our players should trash talk away. A little chatter never hurt anyone. Vilma/Shanle depicting it as classless blows my mind. After all, this is the league where eye poking, crotch grabbing, and hair pulling are regular occurences at the bottom of fumble piles. This is the league where teams make a conscious effort to steal play call signs/terminology. This is the league where every offensive lineman is taught to hold like crazy and get away with it. This is the league where defensive players literally threaten wide receivers that dare to cross over the middle.

It's a man's league, one where trash talking is part of the game. It always has been, and it always will be. Deal with it. End of rant.