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Falcons Sign Tim Toone, Chase Coffman

Joel Auerbach

Consider, for a moment, the life of Tim Toone.

You and I cannot know the inner workings of the former Mr. Irrelevant, but we know the details of his career. Drafted with the last pick by the Lions back in 2010, he spent the next couple of seasons bouncing around the league. He finally, finally made the roster with a chance to make an impact this season for the Falcons, and then he got hurt. For many 27-year-old wide receivers, that's the end of the line.

Not Toone. Nine weeks after being released on an injury settlement, he's back in the fold, and not a moment too soon. He'll likely replace Dominique Franks as a punt returner, because Franks has averaged 6.4 yards per punt return and has generally flubbed his chances every time the ball flies in his direction. Toone was supposed to have the job when the season opened, and he certainly has to be a step up in that department.

Tight end Chase Coffman is now back on the team, as well. Coffman replaces Tommy Gallarda, who's on injured reserve. Coffman is a better receiver than Gallarda but not as good as a blocker. I'm not sure that will matter that much, given the fact that Tony Gonzalez is on this roster.

It's an especially great story for Toone, too, when you consider his long road to a roster spot. I hope he sticks.

Welcome back, Toone and Coffman.