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Falcons Release Ray Edwards

Fact: Shrimp dinners are delicious and stuff.

Kevin C. Cox
As the Pro Football Focus folks pointed out in response to the Glazer tweet, Edwards has played in only 36.7 percent of the Falcons' defensive snaps this season, primarily against the run. Call it injuries. Call it excessive muscles. Call it sucking at football. Edwards outwore his welcome, and the Falcons don't have the time or inclination to babysit.

I wish Edwards well. Maybe he can return to form with the right team and scheme. I have a hard time believing he's done in the NFL. Surely some teams will give him a look. With that said, he wasn't helping us win games. Kroy Biermann is essentially the starter now. He has the versatility and motor to thrive under a Nolan-lead defense.

It's hard to articulate why Edwards didn't pan out. The oft-repeated criticism of him is that he only had the success he had in Minnesota because he was surrounded by talent. If that is true, he owes Jared Allen a shrimp dinner.

Look for the Falcons to make a roster move in the coming days. Perhaps they will pursue a free agent, or maybe they will look to promote a practice squad player. In any case, they're making moves. No rest for the weary in these parts, that's for sure.