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Todd McClure is a Jambalya Cooker and Stuff

Fact: Todd McClure eats shrimp, because shrimp is delicious.

Kevin C. Cox

The AJC isn't perfect, nor is D. Orlando Ledbetter, but on occasion, when the moon is properly aligned with my fire pit, they produce a quality piece worth reading.

I read it. I enjoyed it. Maybe you will feel the same way. Then again, maybe not.

Q: Does your love of cooking come from your Louisiana roots?

A: It does. My dad’s mother, my grandmother (Carmel McClure), I used to love watching her cook. She’s one of the best there is, and she taught me when we were coming up. I wanted to learn. I love doing it on my off days. My kids love it when I’m home and cook because normally I cook something pretty good for them.

Look, I realize this isn't football-related. And I realize you come to this site to read or be referred to football-related content. But McClure plays football. He's played football for a while. As such, it's relevant.

That said, I do want to appease the masses. So I'll mention this while I'm at it: Todd McClure is 35 years old. It's likely that this will be his last season. He's done a lot for this team since we drafted him in the 7th round of the 1999 draft. Matt Ryan has gone on record stating that McClure kept him upright (with protection calls) for his first two years in the league. This is where you go to do your Pro Bowl voting. Go there now. Then vote for Todd. Because he deserves it.