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Somebody Pay William Moore

Fact: Willy Mo wasn't ready once. It resulted in a dramatic shift in the earth's gravitation.

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Mike Ehrmann

I can hardly believe it, but William Moore isn't under contract for 2013. It seems like just yesterday that we drafted the Mizzou product/amateur rapper. But it wasn't yesterday - it was 3 years ago. And in his time as a Falcon, Moore's been nothing short of fantastic. If the Falcons don't lock him down soon, he will become a free agent in February. If that happens, we may lose him.

William Moore isn’t a household name, but he is a key piece on the defense of the undefeated Falcons. Moore has played every snap thus far this season and has an overall grade of +4.9. While he isn’t flashy, he is a very dependable player. The Falcons have expanded his role this year and utilized him as a blitzer 23 times. He has responded with six total pressures with one of those a sack, making him the second most productive blitzing defensive back in the NFL. Moore is just now coming into his own and his best days are ahead of him. He is offering a potential new team a dynamic, playmaking safety.

It is what it is. If the Falcons don't extend him pre-free agency, Moore would be a fool to not assess his worth. We know he loves being a Falcon; I mean, the man did write a song that references most of his teammates. He clearly likes where he's at. For now. That said, he has to worry about his livelihood. If he does reach free agency, it means the team wasn't comfortable locking him up sooner. To be fair, he does have an injury history. Maybe the team is troubled by that.

Look, our safety duo isn't the best of all time. But they're solid. Very solid. I'm a fan, and I'd like to keep the duo intact. I'd imagine Mike Nolan is a big fan of Moore as well. There are reasons ad nauseum to extend him. I believe they should do that sooner rather than later. In fact, it may be the best use of the money we'd otherwise pay Turner (assuming this is in fact his last season as a Falcon).

In other news, Dave smells.