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The Media + Tony Gonzalez = Harumph

Fact: Gonzo is not related, biologically or by marriage, to his muppet counterpart

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Kevin C. Cox

Tony Gonzalez just performs - that's what he's known for. But as of late, he's more vocal, more outspoken.

He engaged in some healthy chatter during the Philly game. And now he's calling out the media in the media through the media. Mind blown.

"Is the national media making a big deal about us like they would if it was Philly, Green Bay or New England? No, they're not," Gonzalez told USA TODAY Sports Thursday. "We played Philly and beat them. And Philly was on TV all week."

"We don't care. Our goals are bigger than just getting national media attention. They'll recognize us if we go where we want to go. I've day-dreamed about raising that Lombardi Trophy. I can see it in my mind."

Oh man. Gauntlet thrown.

You can't fault Gonzalez for stating the obvious. He's earned it. He can say what he wants to say. But off-the-field voracity isn't something we're used to seeing from him. Don't get me wrong, it's refreshing, but it's definitely new. And, to be frank, he's absolutely right.

There's something about Atlanta that doesn't jive with the masses. It's like Dave and clean underwear; an unlikely combo. But whatever, let the media ignore Atlanta. Flying under the rader suits us just fine.