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Sean Weatherspoon Ruled Out For Cowboys Game

The star linebacker will sit with an ankle injury.

Kevin C. Cox

The Atlanta Falcons just suffered a blow for this weekend's game, because Sean Weatherspoon has been declared out.

This is hardly a surprise after he left the Eagles game and went in for an MRI, but it's still disappointing. The Falcons don't have the luxury of having 'Spoon cover Jason Witten now, and that task will likely fall to Stephen Nicholas. That leaves Akeem Dent in on passing downs, as well, and that's gone about as well as a bowl of punch at a diabetes ward thus far.

It's an obvious blow to the pass defense, in other words, and the Falcons will have their hands full with Tony Romo and the passing attack unless he manages to completely implode...again. Let's hope for that outcome.

Kevin Cone has also been ruled out for Sunday's game. Drew Davis is carving out a role regardless, so Cone's absence won't end up meaning all that much. Never fun to be less than 100%, is it?