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The Atlanta Falcons And Tony Romo

How the Atlanta Falcons can take advantage of Tony Romo's lousy season.

Tom Pennington

The Atlanta Falcons were out to force Michael Vick to make mistakes on Sunday. They didn't really succeed, but they played so well in every other facet of the game that it hardly mattered.

Thankfully for fans of turnovers, the Falcons get another crack at an interception and fumble-prone quarterback on Sunday night. That would be one Tony Romo, who is in uncharted waters at this point.

In his career, Romo has never thrown more than 19 interceptions, and that was over a full season. He was fumble-prone earlier in his career, but he had largely limited that over the last few seasons.

Whether by simple poor luck, regression or something we don't fully understand, Romo has become unhinged. He's chucked 13 picks in seven games this season and fumbled four times, losing two of them. He's been an absolute turnover machine, in short, and I'm not sure he's going to turn that around tomorrow.

The Falcons can take advantage of this, obviously. Considering that Romo is missing badly and at least two of his interceptions this year have come because Dez Bryant ran the wrong route, the Falcons need to keep him under pressure and stay around Bryant in hopes that he'll mess up. Honestly, it's neither outlandish nor all that difficult to expect the Falcons to get a couple.

If they do, it's basically game over. The Cowboys have a solid defense and will probably put up more of a fight than the Eagles, but it's not like they're any kind of a juggernaut. If the offense can play as well as they did against the Eagles, that could very well be the difference.

How do you think Romo will fare on Sunday?