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Rising Up Through GIFs: An Animated Look At Falcons-Redskins

A collection of the best GIFs from the Falcons-Redskins game.

Patrick Smith - Getty Images

We're a little shorter on GIFs this week, but that doesn't mean we still don't have the good stuff right here. Our weekly animated crack at a recap is about to begin.

The Falcons got off to an ugly start to this one, thanks to a limp-wristed interception from Matt Ryan. We exploded in indignation!



Then things somehow got even worse. In the humid Washington air, ripe and fetid with political gases, Ryan lost his grip on the pigskin. Quelle horror!



The Falcons went on to tie the game up thanks to Tony Gonzalez.



and we were able to breathe easier coming into the second quarter. In the third quarter, with the score all knotted up, the Falcons got a break that was unfortunate for Redskins fans a bit scary for football fans in general. They knocked out Robert Griffin III.



After Griffin went out, the Redskins managed a short field goal from Billy Cundiff. That 10-7 lead disappeared after Ryan hit Julio Jones for a touchdown that can best be described by the noise I made when I saw it, which was roughly "horfwhoa!"



Unfortunately for the Falcons, Kirk Cousins split the safeties and threw a loooooong touchdown pass that hurt me a little inside and a lot outside. I broke something. With my fists.



It was a tie game. The Falcons needed to win it, and they needed to put together one hell of a drive to do it. That's the exact moment that Ryan put on his game-winning helmet and got to work, putting together a game-winning drive that ended in a game-winning run by Michael "Game-Winning" Turner.



That and two interceptions will buy you a win, as it turns out. That, my friends, is a recipe for 5-0.

Weigh in on our GIFs of the week!