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Texans-Jets Monday Night Open Thread

It's gonna get ugly.

Brett Davis-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

There's one of two ways this game could get unbearably ugly: The Texans could blow away the Jets, or the Jets could win.

The Texans are widely considered the finest team in the NFL by the pundit class, due to their spotless record and all-around terrific play. Their relative weakness at quarterback—Matt Schaub is good, not great—is covered up by Arian Foster, Ben Tate and the truly incredible J.J. Watt. On paper, they should plow over the Jets like a steamroller over a Fruit Roll-Up.

The Jets, meanwhile, are reeling. Mark Sanchez is bad, the defense is banged up, Shonn Greene is a third-string power back masquerading as a starter and Tim Tebow is waiting in the wings to bring false hope to the masses.

The Texans should win easily, but this is a nice test for them, given the fact that the Jets are desperate and are certainly capable of actually playing a decent football game.

Watch this one closely. You may be seeing the Texans again.