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Who Stood Out Against The Redskins?

Note: Joe Hawley did not stand out as a receiver.

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Larry French - Getty Images

Another tough win, another week of boasting an undefeated record. The Falcons didn't make it look easy in Week 5, but when they needed to score, when they needed to make a play, someone came through.

Stopping the run still appears to be a major issue from the defensive unit. The Redskins are typically solid on the ground against most opponents, but Alfred Morris ran all over the place on Sunday. However, aside from the blown coverage on Santana Moss, the secondary kept the Skins in check for most of the game.

Offensively Matt Ryan didn't look his typical ice cold self, but he got the job done with 345 yards through the air. It looks like it will be tough for any opponent to stop the havoc-wreaking trinity that is Julio, Roddy and Tony G.

It was an all-around effort to win this one, but who really stood out in DC?

1) Jonathan Babineaux: Give this man some credit. Babineaux brought plenty of pressure on several occasion. He forced RG3 out of the pocket on the play where Spoon absolutely leveled the rookie QB, he basically scared Kirk Cousins into falling over in the fourth quarter and he was right there with Dunta on the huge sack to start the game.

Babineaux also made a tackle about 15 yards downfield on Alfred Morris at one point, showing how hard he works on every play. You have to love seeing a defensive tackle making tackles out in the open. This was his biggest game yet.

2) Sam Baker: Who is this guy? Baker allowed just two hurries overall on the afternoon, rating as the second-best lineman overall for the Falcons in Week 5 by Pro Football Focus. Falcons fans have to be happy with the way he's exceeding everyone's expectations this season.

In this past he was a liability. This year Baker's an asset. With five weeks in the books, we're actually expecting solid performances at left tackle each week. How crazy is that?

3) Tony Gonzalez: This one's a little more obvious, but he deserves a ton of credit for his huge numbers in Week 5. Tony G caught 13 passes for 123 yards and a touchdown. We saw him put the post moves on defenders like he did back in his basketball days. We saw him fight off pass interference while jumping for a touchdown in the corner of the end zone. Seriously, this guy does not look like he's aged one bit.

Julio and Roddy continue to draw double coverage on the outside, leaving Gonzalez one-on-one over the middle. It's a good bet that he'll win that matchup every time. There's no way to stop all three of these guys.

These three Falcons were the ones who really stood out in my mind after the game. Who impressed you?