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Falcons 24- Redskins 17: A Post-Game Celebration

It wasn't pretty, but the Atlanta Falcons move to 5-0.

Patrick Smith - Getty Images

The Atlanta Falcons have won ugly two straight weeks in a row. Considering they're 5-0, I could care less.

This is a truly historic start for a football team that had never made it to 5-0, and they could certainly get better. That has to terrify the rest of the NFL, particularly after the Falcons marched downfield, scored, and then picked rookie backup Kirk Cousins twice.

At this point, despite everything that went wrong today, I'm purely giddy. It's been a true joy to watch these Falcons play and dominate the NFC South. There's a lot more to come.

Use this as your post-game discussion thread, and we'll celebrate the whole night long.