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One Falcon To Watch: Jonathan Babineaux

Hitting Robert Griffin since 2012.

Kevin C. Cox - Getty Images

One of the keys to stopping the Redskins is getting after Robert Griffin III, as we've said once or twice or perhaps three times this week. The front seven will be an integral part of that, and one player in particular seems likely to help out.

That would be Jonathan Babineaux. The Falcons have an effective interior pass rush this season, and the Redskins' line is nothing special in the middle. The Falcons should be able to exploit that matchup, and Jon Babineaux remains among the most effective interior pass rushers for this team.

Honestly, this was a tough one to pick, but I have one of those weird random hunches that the USS Babineaux is going to have a big game. Feel free to insert Matt Ryan, Michael Turner, Julio Jones, Roddy White, John Abraham, Thomas DeCoud, William Moore or Matt Bosher. Hell, you could even use Mike Smith. It's going to be that kind of game.

Again, though, I think Babs is going to win his battles in the trenches, come up with a sack or two and flush Griffin into pressure even when he can't quite get there.

Who's your pick for player to watch?