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Expect Big Week From Julio Jones

Fact: Roddy doesn't miss Michael Jenkins

Kevin C. Cox - Getty Images

Statistically speaking, it's been an up and down year for Julio Jones. That said, he had an excuse in week 4: he cut his hand during the San Diego game. He didn't use that as an excuse.

The hand appeared to play a role in a dropped slant pattern. Jones would not blame the injury for the drop.

“Once, I’m out there I don’t feel anything,” Jones said. “It wasn’t anything that was holding me back or nothing like that. The majority of the game I was getting double-teamed.”

There you have it. He's not willing to blame the injury. You have to respect that. Meanwhile, he was getting double teamed, which allowed Roddy to embarrass fair pretty well against Carolina's pitiful defensive backs secondary. Even when he's not performing, he's performing. But we want production. We want numbers. We want 40 ounce cans of sugar free Red Bull. If I were a betting man, I'd take odds on the timing of Dave's next rehab visit. But I'm not, so I'll just throw some fanciful projection-type banter out there.

Julio Jones will rebound in decisive fashion this week. He says he's ready to go.

“Oh, yeah I’m fine,” said Jones. “I’m ready to go.”

If he's on your fantasy team, start him, and thank me later. He's going to devolve into beast mode against the Redskins. And they're going to like it. After last week's performance, the Redskins defense can't ignore Roddy. Heck, they need to throw all they've got at Roddy. Why is that a problem? Because they haven't been able to cover number 2 receivers at all this season. Their DVOA against number 2 receivers is the worst in the league. No bueno.

Curious what y'all think. Discuss!