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Matt Ryan Named NFC Offensive Player Of The Month

The Falcons quarterback is given the first of hopefully many honors he'll receive this season.

Scott Cunningham - Getty Images

You want recognition for everything Matt Ryan's been able to accomplish this season? You got it.

Ryan has been honored as the NFC Offensive Player of the Month for September, a fitting honor for a guy who has thrown 11 touchdowns against just 2 interceptions, completed 70% of his passes and led the Falcons to a perfect 4-0 record over that span.

It's one of the finest starts to a season you'll see anywhere, and Ryan is by far the most deserving candidate in the NFC for it. There's not much more you can say about Ryan that we haven't said elsewhere, so I'll just say this: I'm awfully glad he's the Falcons' quarterback.

Weigh in on Ryan's honor, if you would.