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Falcons Trade Possibilities

The trade deadline is Thursday at 4 pm. Could the Falcons make a trade?

Could DeAngelo Williams be a Falcon?
Could DeAngelo Williams be a Falcon?
Jeremy Brevard-US PRESSWIRE

So I heard there was an NFL trade deadline tomorrow. Anyone else hear about that? Yeah, me too.

The NFL trade deadline, unfortunately, is much less fun than the MLB trade deadline. Very rarely do big-time players get traded and when they do, it happens once in a sea turtle's lifetime.

However, it stands to reason that the Falcons could make a run at somebody before tomorrow's deadline, and that's what we do here at The Falcoholic. We exploit all the coulda, woulda, shoulda we can since we're not real journalists.

Ouch, did I say that out loud? I guess I did.

So to cut to the chase, let's examine some potential Falcons pickups.

Jared Cook - TE

He's mad and he wants out of Tennessee. As to why he's mad, I'm not currently aware.

However, he's young and he's proven himself to be a pretty good tight end for the Titans. Coach Mike Munchak doesn't want to get rid of him, but for the right price, it could happen.

Steven Jackson - RB

I love SJax. He's a great player, and he is also very humble. He's been on a garbage Rams team since he came into the league, and he really deserves to be on a contender, if only for a couple of years.

Therein lies the problem. SJax is 29 and has battled injuries off and on throughout his career. When he's on, he's as good a feature back as you'll find in the NFL. However, his moments of "on" are growing shorter and shorter as he gets older and continues to be run into the ground.

To put it in perspective, SJax has 700 more carries than Michael Turner. Yeah, do you want that kind of mileage? Probably not.

DeAngelo Williams - RB

This is a player that is likely on his way out in Carolina anyway. He's 29 years old - he's actually older than SJax -but has only 1000 carries in his career (Turner has 1500). He's probably got a few good years left in him. As to why the Panthers aren't using him more, I can't say.

Certainly he is a player that could spruce up our RB corps, but would Turner approve of it? I don't think so. Should we care if Turner approves of it? We probably shouldn't.

Tim Tebow

And all your blood pressures simultaneously rise. Hear me out, because I've been mulling this over.

You know Tim Tebow is listed at 236 pounds?

You know Michael Turner is listed at 244-247 pounds?

Yes, Tebow is 6'3", whereas Turner is 5'10", but Tebow, by most people's standards, is a pretty stout fellow.

I was thinking...what if we traded for Tebow and used him as a running back? His salary isn't huge (It's like in the mid $1 million range this year), he's young (25), and he's used to running and gaining tough yards anyway (U of Florida, TebowTime Denver).

It's clear we need to reduce Turner's role further because he still isn't getting it done, so if we split up the Carries to something like 15/10/10 Turner/Quizz/Tebow, with Snelling as our full time fullback, it should be good. We don't generally get Snelling involved much anyway, but a couple of FB passes and short yardage handoffs would suffice to equal the load we're already giving him.

Tebow would have to learn to pass protect, but that should be fine since he's already a smart player and already has practice (punt protection).

AND he's a great teammate.


when we go to the Super Bowl, tie ball game, 4th quarter, we run a sweep to Tebow, who ends up heaving the ball deep downfield to a wide open Julio Jones because until that point, Tebow hasn't thrown a single pass with us

and we win the Super Bowl because Dirk Koetter Genius, etc. etc. etc.

but really, if we traded for Tebow and used him solely as an RB, it could work. It's probably the best option (AT RUNNING BACK) that nobody is talking about. I think he just wants to play. He loves the game. I mean, hell, do you see him complaining about being punt protector? He might hate it like all get out but he hasn't complained about it once.

And, Tebow can weed away more AWAY TEAM fans from the Dome.

Win, win, win.

Thoughts? Any other suggestions for trade possibilities?