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The Falcons On Halloween

Scott Cunningham

To go along with the holiday spirit, I thought I'd put together something a little more lighthearted together. NFL players dress up for Halloween too, right? Let's take a guess at what some of the Falcons are going as.

Dunta Robinson: Predator


You want to call him a head hunter? Go for it. See what happens. Also the dreads fit here. Normally this name is reserved for Abraham, but hey, it's Halloween.

Sam Baker: Dr Jekyll/Mr. Hyde


One year people are calling for him to be cut (your words, not mine...well, partially mine), the next he's playing lights out.

Matt Bryant: One of the guys from Swamp People


He can make alligator calls. This is probably his favorite show.

Thomas DeCoud: Fresh Prince


Yeah, he actually did this. That was easy.

Christopher Owens: The Flash


Dude's fast. Remember when he ran down Percy Harvin?

Joe Hawley: Grizzly Adams


Hawley's beard is ridiculous. It will get to this level one day.

Luke McCown: Ken Jennings


Remember the guy who set all those records on Jeopardy? I see somewhat of a resemblance between the two here, plus McCown's knowledge of the playbook was his biggest benefit coming here.

Mike Smith: Steve Martin


Speaks for itself.

Matt Ryan: Matt Ryan


Matt Ryan goes as himself. Because he's awesome.

Let's here who you think some of these guys would dress up as.