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Wednesday Injury Report: Several Falcons Limited

Julio Jones is back at full strength, and all but Polite and Palmer practiced in some regard Wednesday.

Mike Ehrmann - Getty Images

Here's a link to the injury report for this week. Julio is back at full participation in practice after having a laceration on his hand. I believe DOL tweeted that he looked very good in practice catching the ball. That's good news.

Here's a short little breakdown of the injury list.

Only Palmer (shoulder) and Polite (hamstring) have not practiced this week. McClure has a pectoral injury - those are never good, but did practice on a limited basis. That's a good sign considering it's only Wednesday.

WillyMo has a hip injury, but also practiced. Hip injuries are never good, but especially not for a defensive back who has to twist and contort his body on every play. He did practice, which is a good sign.

Stephen Nicholas is listed as having a thigh injury. I feel like that's probably more along the lines of a deep thigh bruise (which are painful as all heck) rather than a quadriceps injury. I think if it was a quad injury, it would be listed as such on the report.

Chris Owens is back in limited participation after his concussion. Glad to see him back on the field.

Babineaux has a groin injury. Abe lived with one of those for a while, I assume Babs will take a page out of Abe's book and be fine. He also practiced in limited fasion.

Antone Smith was limited with a hamstring. Get well soon, but hopefully that injury won't be a big deal. Here's to hoping we get Palmer and Polite back. Palmer had taken a larger role in the offense and young gun Tommy Gallarda is going to have to pick up the slack. There's your Wednesday injury report!