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Weatherspoon Carted Off With Injury

Star LB Sean Weatherspoon was carted off the field with an injury against the Eagles.

Kevin C. Cox

Spoon is injured. Unfortunately, the severity of the injury has not been disclosed by anyone to my knowledge.

Spoon was having a good game up to that point. Really, I thought the D played well considering the task that was put in front of them. The tackling was still iffy at times, but by and large, the D did their job admirably. It helps that the offense completely owned the first half.

Usually being carted off is a very bad sign. If Spoon misses any major amount of time, it'll be Akeem Dent and Stephen Nicholas holding up the LB corps while Spoon is gone.

We know Nicks can play, but we don't really know what we have in Dent. I thought he filled in reasonably well considering the circumstances, but a player of Spoon's caliber isn't easily replaceable, unfortunately.

If Spoon is out for a good amount of time, what do you think the Falcons will do?