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Falcons 30-Eagles 17: A Quick Recap

The Atlanta Falcons go up big early and hold on to triumph over the Philadelphia Eagles.

Rich Schultz

The Atlanta Falcons came in, improbably, as underdogs to this Philadelphia Eagles team. They left 7-0 and in command of the NFC South.

On a rainy, windy day in Philadelphia, the Falcons took a huge lead early and never really looked back. Despite a sloppy second half that saw some of the team's old play calling issues rear their ugly heads—and yes, I'm referring to Turner, Turner, desperate pass attempt, punt—they held on to win 30-17.

This is a terrific win for the Falcons, who beat a talented NFC squad fairly soundly and got quality performances all over the field. The fact that they still aren't playing as well as they could and they just took down the Eagles without all that much trouble should tell you something about how good this football team really is.

As they prepare to try to go 8-0 against the Cowboys on Sunday Night Football next week, the Falcons will have to try to get more out of an extremely anemic ground game and tighten up the defense a bit, but there's no doubt in my mind that the Falcons are the best team in football right now. I got confidence leaking out of my pores.

Continue to talk Falcons here, and we'll all roll on. Look for full recaps and more tomorrow morning!