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One Falcon To Watch: Asante Samuel

The Atlanta Falcons cornerback has a bone to pick with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Kevin C. Cox

Andy Reid said that Asante Samuel was in a steep decline after the team traded him to the Falcons for a seventh-round pick. Samuel begs to differ.

By and large, Samuel's been every bit the effective cover corner he was with the Eagles. He's still a gambler and hasn't been the surest tackler for Atlanta, but that effectively describes the entire secondary. Samuel's contained most everyone he's been asked to cover in 2012, and his interception returned for a touchdown against Oakland was a thing of beauty.

No one has more to prove against the Eagles than Samuel, who very clearly would relish being able to help get Reid fired after the longtime Philly coach shot up his reputation on the way out of town. Given how talented the Eagles' receiving corps is, Samuel will have a chance to make some noise by shutting down DeSean Jackson or Jeremy Maclin. A pick off of Vick wouldn't hurt, either.

So keep your eye on Samuel. Who will you be watching closely?