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What if the Falcons Don't Win the Turnover Battle?

Fact: Michael Vick is a cotton-headed ninny muggins.

Michael Heiman

The Eagles haven't impressed this year. Their struggles led to a coaching change. Their struggles created a lack of faith in Michael Vick. Their struggles made the Liberty Bell cry.

But what if they didn't turn over the ball so much?

"The ball security is the biggest statistic that correlates with winning," [offensive coordinator Marty] Mornhinweg said. "Many of these stats that are thrown around mean very little in regards to winning and losing. Turnovers? Big."

Turnovers are big. The Eagles' negative 9 turnover ratio is horrible. Not as horrible as Kansas City (negative 15), but horrible nonetheless. Vick deserves a lot of the blame. He's responsible for 5 fumbles and 8 interceptions. It doesn't get any easier for him this week. We have the second-best turnover margin (positive 1.7) in the league this year. Much of that was accomplished in the first three weeks. Even so, we've shown that we can win the turnover battle. The Eagles haven't.

Assume for a second that they don't turn over the ball like Caleb in a tutu. They still have problems. Namely, an inability to score. Their offensive production essentially mirrors ours, except they can't score. All due respect to Mornhinweg, but I'm thinking he should focus on that.